Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mad Mondays!!! Rain Restorative Therapies....Spa Week

Something You... Make Up Artistry is MAD MAD MAD for Rain Restorative Therapies!

Rain Restorative Therapies is simply fabulous so I thought it fitting to post their newsletter as my Mad Mondays Blog Post! You should be informed that we're in cahootz for Spa Week...October 12-18, 2009.

Picture this, one of the premier spas in the DFW metroplex offering fabulous treatments for $50 each...body wraps, incredible massages. Mercy.

Rain Restorative Therapies Newsletter


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trendy Tuesday!

Hello Dears!

Today marked the day that the boots came down from the attic! I'm currently rocking a pair of fab spanish suede with hooks & eyes all the way up...they're 5 years old but never seem to go out of style. That's my goal for this season...to rock the trends without breaking the bank! Into the back of the closet I go! Updates on how I make it work. Til then, here are some wardrobe trends for you to try:
  • Rocker-chic looks are in for fall. Studs, rivets, big bold buckles, and chains will all be dominating boots, shoes, jackets, handbags, and other accessories. Thigh high, skin tight boots are also the latest craze (done tastefully, they're quit chic...done wrong, they're just a hot tranny mess), but don't toss out the bootie from last season! Actually, pretty much any boot is in style in nude or neutral colors.
  • Layers still are a popular look, paired with skinny pants or leggings. To keep you from looking overwhelmed on top, many designers added cinched or belted waists. I'm working this spring's long drape sweaters with skinny jeans and a belt since I'm of the booty-licious variety.

And now some make-up tips:
  • Eyelashes! They're still all the rage and learning to put a pair on can take you from office to evening in about 2 minutes. I especially like Andrea #53 and DUO adhesive.

    Use them several times by removing them every night, peeling the glue off the band and placing them on their tray to keep the shape. I can wear mine 5-7 times with proper care!

    If you're really up for a splurge, eyelash extensions are FABULOUS. A little spendy but wonderful and have very little daily care involved. Try LashStudio in Dallas for the most expert application...
  • Enhance that eye-color! Everyone and their dog has a mascara to enhance the color of your peepers. I find them to be a little clown-esque and sparkly and since this isn't the prom, they'll not be in heavy rotation here on my planet. Therefore, learn what "tone" is and USE IT!

    Green eyes=purple toned browns, aubergine (eggplant) eyeliner
    Brown eyes=deep dark navy liner and light blue toned shadows
    Blue eyes=rich brown shadows and mascara
    Hazel eyes=purple tones will enhance the green and blue tones will bring out the delicious golden browns

So there it is, Pumpkins! Your wardrobe advisor has spoken....enjoy!

Muah, Moi

Monday, October 5, 2009



So this week (ok, always) I'm MAD for Money Savings! I'm also mad for keeping women healthy and eliminating some of the awful diseases that face so many of us. So, I figure when companies get behind our boobies and other lady parts, I think we should get behind their products.

That being said, here's a little list of hinty-hintz about where to get some good deals for some good causes! (and remember to go to http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org for the skinny on how much of your purchases go towards the cause of your choice!)

  • ULTA has my fave hairspray in a special Breast Cancer Awareness pink can and it's $5.99. That's right, BIG SEXY SPRAY 'N' PLAY and ROOT BOOST (regularly $16ish each) are just $5.99. Stock up, that's all I'm sayin' (available in stores only).
  • Also from ULTA and Sephora, the Smashbox PHOTO FINISH LIPSTICK TO BENEFIT SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE , $22. A portion of proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
  • Everyone knows how I love a good "kit" and this is even better because it supports the Ovaries!It's the L’Oreal Color of Hope Cosmetics Bag, $29.95 at drugstores. $5 from each cosmetics bag sold goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

So many cosmetic companies are now on board with exclusive products for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that I feel no guilt when I buy a cute little pink lip gloss or compact or body wash whose proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Research. I can’t wait to see the adorable packaging and pretty pink products that are limited editions for the month.

On a more serious note however, I have recently been touched way-too-close-to-home as friends and family have found themselves battling cancer. Here are just a few:

  • My gorgeous friend (who's under 35) recently had a double mastectomy and is now a survivor. If you are not regularly checking you breast for irregular lumps and need to learn how now. Feel your boobies, girls!
  • My mother found herself in need of an emergency hysterectomy at the exact same time and I'm happy to say is now cancer free as well. Always a very logical women, she is lucky to have had the presence of mind to go in when "something just didn't feel right". Forty eight hours later she was in surgery and preparing for the biggest fight of her life since I tried to leave the house in a mini-skirt at 14.

Luckily I still have both of these wonderful women in my life, but more research is needed to ensure that the proper care before, during and after cancer is available to women everywhere. Hopefully choosing to buy products with a bit of philanthropy will help!

Muah, Moi

Friday, October 2, 2009



I know that this has been out for awhile now, but since I’m an airbrush junkie I hardly ever think about the rest of the world who doesn’t get to do this for a living & needs a good quick solution to even out skin.

Face Fabric is an invisible makeup with a 3D Micro-fil™ technology. Its unique Micro-fil™ formulations bring lightness and fluidity to makeup, allowing infinite blending and layering to enhance the natural glow of the skin. (via giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com)

I recently received a sample of Giorgio Armani's face fabric foundation and wow this stuff is amazing! I don't think I have ever tried a foundation that was as weightless as this one. (Not even airbrush…shhh!) It reminds me of mousse because it's so creamy and velvety. Once applied it literally disappeared onto my skin and left my complexion looking flawless, almost like it had been airbrushed. You can't even tell that you are wearing foundation, that's how natural it looks. It's also silicone-based, which helps to smooth out those fine lines and imperfections that we begin to accumulate as we age.

This would be a great foundation to wear in the summer months as it is somewhat like a tinted moisturizer. It's lightweight and the coverage is buildable.

I must say Giorgio Armani products have never let me down yet. This one is definitely getting added to my top favorite foundations. It's definitely a keeper and a must have!

Just a few tips when working with this foundation:

- It's practically a silicone gel so skip any heavy silicone based primers like Clarins Instant Smooth or the heavier silicone gels like Smashbox. The reason for this is if you layer face fabric over a dense silicone base, the texture will become splotchy and unnatural in direct light.

- This mattifies the skin like a silicone primer would so it's a good idea to prep the skin with a moisturizing primer like MUFE Elixir if you have dry skin or YSL Top Secrets for combination skin. This ensures that the foundation won't make you look overly matte while it still controls oil throughout the day.

- I've tried to apply this with a MAC 187, 188, 109 and 190 and none of them work better than my fingers. I simply smooth the product onto my skin and the most important step is to then pat my face rapidly in order to even out the distribution and help the silicone really 'bond' with your skin. That's what the Armani SA told me to do and it's what really makes the foundation look like a second skin.

- Alternatively you can smooth the product on with your fingers and then gently brush over it with a blush brush like the MAC 165 instead of patting for a velvety smooth airbrush finish. This only works for face fabric because it has a very light, silicone gel texture which literally glides across your skin.

- Because of the silicone in this, it can tend to dry out the skin underneath your eyes and exaggerate lines (even if you're only 20). The best way to counteract this is to pat on some eye cream beforehand or only use the excess product left on your fingers after applying the face fabric and then pat that under your eyes - following up with a highlighter or concealer if necessary.

- Even for combo skin it's not necessary to set the foundation with a layer of powder but powder really helps to just add a finishing touch to the look and improve it's staying power. I use Chanel's Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre and lightly dust that over my face with a fan brush which looks natural and keeps my face fresh all day. Rely on the face fabric to control your oil, not your powder or you'll look cakey and dry. Also remember your blotting papers!

So there it is my dears! My First Foundation Friday Offering….let me know what you think!

Muah, Moi…