Friday, December 25, 2009


Revlon PhotoReady...are you ready for YOUR close up?

So I was marching through ye olde neighborhood Target a few nights ago and what has found its way to the coveted end cap but this new foundation by Revlon. The bottle is interesting because it has a pump which (from a make up artists POV, rocks for a host of reasons) and is contoured in a way that makes it easy to hold while you're working. Now, I am a make up artist with discerning taste in foundation (I mainly airbrush) so needless to say, when something says "gives skin the airbrushed appearance" I perk up and check it out!

Now, I've heard some buzzy-buzz about this (and Loreal, FYI...they'll be on the HD bandwagon too) but was afraid I would have to wait to try it but NO! This is technically not supposed to be out until March 2010 but Target and CVS have early releases and this means I'm all over it! BOGO at CVS if you can because this is about $14.00 each.

I have previously tried Make Up Forever HD foundation and Cargo Blu-Ray HD foundation and liked their results initially but did not like the fact that they oxidized and left my client with an orange tone after a few hours. Smashbox has been holding my attention with their HIGH DEFINITION FOUNDATION and HALO powder but it's painfully spendy so I've been on the lookout for something with good medium coverage that's buildable. I think this might be it!

  • Has a little shimmer, gives a subtle glow to the skin that creates an almost "dewy" effect.
  • SPF 20 which is fabulous for day wear for those of us who are of the pasty variety and/or are fighting the age monster tooth and perfectly manicured nail.
  • Recommended tool for application is the foundation brush (currently GWP at Target) which means less touching of the skin and less opportunity for nasty breakouts from those gnarly sponges we refuse to through out.
  • Buildable coverage which means you can start out with a thin layer and keep building up until you have the coverage you desire. Some days call for more camo than others...
  • Lasts forever...we all remember ColorStay from Revlon, well this does stay & doesn't get that gummy look that sometimes occurs from CS if you let it go too long.

  • Has a little shimmer...that's not so great for everyone. (complaints of looking Cullen-esque have been reported but you be the judge)
  • SPF 20 which is NOT great for photography...this will only matter to MUAs and photographers.
  • Limited color offerings (for now).
  • Better for oiler skin types because of the high level of pigment which can be drying.

So there's my $2.50, buy it and try it and tell me what you think...I will continue airbrushing but I feel pretty confident recommending this to my clients who are looking for fab coverage and a great price point!

Merry Christmas, Poodles!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old School Remedies!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had more than just a mild obsession with all things make up and beauty product related. There was this fabulous book about "Concoctions" at the public library that I checked out about a million times (and probably ended up keeping) that had a section about beauty treatments you could make yourself. If I remember correctly, I tried to bottle & sell some of it to the neighborhood ladies at some point. Needless to say, it didn't sell like Girl Scout Cookies but it did get me hooked on natural remedies to ever present skin issues and teach me to question ingredients not just in my food but also in my skin care! It also made me the "Go To Girl" for all my friends when they had a monster zit on prom night or pores as large and prolific as an oil producing country...

All that being said, I would like to present a new segment on natural solutions and kitchen concoctions that have worked for centuries! First Installment: Aspirin Facials!

Aspirin: It Ain't Just For Headaches Anymore!

I've used a variety of aspirin facial recipes since my early adolescent years to combat breakouts. It works because Aspirin is a form of salicylic acid so it’s fantastic exfoliant and acne treatment. Dermatologists prescribe it every day and you’ll find it in tons of anti-acne products.

There are several different facial aspirin recipes and depending the condition of your skin you should adapt the recipe and blend to suit your skin and needs. Experiment until you find the right balance!

Oily Skin: In the summer when my skin gets oily I crush up 10 aspirin tablets and mix in whatever fruit acid I have (lemon, lime, or orange juice) in the refrigerator. A dairy product (lactic acid) such as yogurt, cream, or milk can be substituted for the fruit acid or used in combination with the basic aspirin facial recipe for the oilier skin types. I even keep an aspirin solution in a small spray bottle in the shower to mist my back and legs to prevent acne from developing, especially during the summer.

Dry/Sensitive Skin: In the winter months when my skin’s a little more on the dry side, I blend in a dab of honey, aloe vera pulp or olive oil to give my skin a moisturizing treatment at the same time.

Emergency: If I feel a zit deep under the surface, a crushed asprin mixed with a little green tea makes a great little scrub and mask. I’ll sleep in it if things seem really dire. Also great for the post waxing ingrown on the bikini line!

Basic Facial Aspirin Recipe

5 to 10 of plain aspirin- (the cheap generic kind is just fine) finely crushed for a mask and a little chunkier for the scrub.

Mix in your favorite fruit acid, freshly squeezing the juice from a lemon, lime, or orange or use green tea. Add more to create a thin mask or use very little for a thick paste.

Apply a thin layer with your hands or use a spa brush (looks like a paint brush) to your face, chest and/or back and allow to dry for 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and moisturize with something light but enriching.

Bottom line, Aspirin rocks. It’s an all around versatile natural skin care ingredient that has the added benefit of being an excellent anti-aging skin care treatment. Not to mention it’s cheap and probably already on your medicine cabinet!


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Ideas for Everyone!!!

Christmas is coming, the Holidays are here and I have picked out what I want in MY stocking!!

Now, I could go on forever about how much I love a good kit but this is ditch-everything-else-worthy. All I need is my tinted moisturizer & a lovely dusting of powder and I'm ready to take on the world! Gentlemen, I'm not sure if you're allowed to purchase such things for your lady friends but every woman-on-the-go will appreciate this compact little guy & it will really free up some space in the powder room! In fact, if you're buying one of these little kits, why not give a gift certificate for a "Happy New You" make up clean out session from Something You... Make Up Artistry? I think this is an awesome idea!

Here is MY holiday pick and something no woman should be without!

Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe is the perfect accessory this holiday season!
The two-tiered compact holds six Eye Colours, 3 Cheek Colours, 6 Lip Stains and 2 finishing Lip Glazes, along with expert tools.

  • The top palette contains: African Violet, Cafe Au Lait, Sandstone, Celestial and Coffee Ground Eye Colours; Plum Rose and Nude Cheek Colours (exclusive); Double-Ended Eye Colour and Corner Eye Colour Brush and a full size mirror
  • The bottom palette contains: Mocha, Scarlet, Melon, Mulberry, Nude and Rosette Lip Stains (exclusive), Brown Glaze and Pink Glaze Lip Glazes (exclusive); a Double-Ended Lip Brush, and a mini magnifying mirror
  • 2 X 0.05 oz./1.5g; 2 X 0.05 oz./1.5g; 2 X 0.05 oz./1.5g; 3 X 0.17 oz./4.9g; 6 X 0.04 oz./1.3g
  • A $235.00 retail value
So there it is, my lovelies...if you'd like to drop a hint so Santa Clause make sure he knows the referral came from Something You... Make Up Artistry!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Blockbusters...make space on the vanity, Honey!

Every year the cosmetic lines go head-to-head to out-GWP (Gift-With-Purchase) /PWP (Purchase-With-Purchase) one another. Nine times out of ten the winner is Estee Lauder or Lancome due to their sheer size and market share. I wish someone else worth having in heavy rotation could compete but that is not really an option so here's what we're left with.

This year, IMHO, Estee Lauder has THE holiday blockbuster set-and it is insane. They are referring to it as the Color Spectacular and it is available online (it almost puts Lancome’s to shame) for a mere $55.00 with a fragrance purchase. It's valued at $340.00 and for once, I'm almost convinced that they're close.

Now, Dear Reader, you must understand my personal feelings about Lauder, Corp. on the whole and what giant over-marketed-under-quality mayhem they have wreaked on wonderful brands (Prescriptives, MAC...anyone?) during their reign. However, this blockbuster is really pretty damned fabulous for the once-a-year make up buyer or their mom.

The big centerpiece, IMESHO, is the shadow palette, with 15 shadows. (does anyone remember the swoon worthy Laura Mercier palette from Neimans? OMG.) It’s definitely an “anyone” palette, as the shades are tres' wearable without being too shimmery. The number of shadows in the kit makes it perfect for travel or the purse, or downsizing the makeup collection. The shades are Vanilla, Ginger Drop, Mink, Sand Box, Amethyst, Camouflage, Bronze Cube, Mocha Cup, Cinnamon, Honey Drop, Pale Moon, Sugar Cube, Ivory Box, and Roseberry Duo. Add to that 3 Artist's Eye Pencils (great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black, SoftSmudge Brown and Slate Writer) , Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara (10-day supply, in Black), Lash Primer Plus (10-day supply) and full size Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and just you can't miss!

In the blush department we have the trifecta of enhancement with two blushes (Nude Rose and Pink Kiss) and a bronzer (the matte Bronze Goddess that is universally flattering)...and we're talking big rectangular pans (not just chintzy stripes) so it makes them a lot more useful and long lasting. All of the shades are very user friendly and the little brushes (even though they should be thrown out or burned upon arriving home) are a nice touch.

Moving onto the lips. There are four full-sized Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Candy, Rose Tea, Fig and Tiger Eye)...all of the shades are lovely and super silky.

Finally, there are the accessories. You get four different make up brushes-a face brush, a blush brush, a lip brush, and an eye brush. I have tried the EL brushes but they are only slightly better than your fingers but they're free so whatcha-gonna-do. They are perfect for the gym bag or the flight pack that won't be a full blown tragedy if they go missing...or your 10 year old niece who needs to be involved in your cosmetic existence without great investment . Additionally there are two cases (a small red train case and a gold zip pouch) along with a look book to help you navigate this cosmetic cornucopia.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Estee Lauder Color Spectacular

$55.00 with any fragrance purchase

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mad Mondays!!! Rain Restorative Therapies....Spa Week

Something You... Make Up Artistry is MAD MAD MAD for Rain Restorative Therapies!

Rain Restorative Therapies is simply fabulous so I thought it fitting to post their newsletter as my Mad Mondays Blog Post! You should be informed that we're in cahootz for Spa Week...October 12-18, 2009.

Picture this, one of the premier spas in the DFW metroplex offering fabulous treatments for $50 each...body wraps, incredible massages. Mercy.

Rain Restorative Therapies Newsletter


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trendy Tuesday!

Hello Dears!

Today marked the day that the boots came down from the attic! I'm currently rocking a pair of fab spanish suede with hooks & eyes all the way up...they're 5 years old but never seem to go out of style. That's my goal for this rock the trends without breaking the bank! Into the back of the closet I go! Updates on how I make it work. Til then, here are some wardrobe trends for you to try:
  • Rocker-chic looks are in for fall. Studs, rivets, big bold buckles, and chains will all be dominating boots, shoes, jackets, handbags, and other accessories. Thigh high, skin tight boots are also the latest craze (done tastefully, they're quit chic...done wrong, they're just a hot tranny mess), but don't toss out the bootie from last season! Actually, pretty much any boot is in style in nude or neutral colors.
  • Layers still are a popular look, paired with skinny pants or leggings. To keep you from looking overwhelmed on top, many designers added cinched or belted waists. I'm working this spring's long drape sweaters with skinny jeans and a belt since I'm of the booty-licious variety.

And now some make-up tips:
  • Eyelashes! They're still all the rage and learning to put a pair on can take you from office to evening in about 2 minutes. I especially like Andrea #53 and DUO adhesive.

    Use them several times by removing them every night, peeling the glue off the band and placing them on their tray to keep the shape. I can wear mine 5-7 times with proper care!

    If you're really up for a splurge, eyelash extensions are FABULOUS. A little spendy but wonderful and have very little daily care involved. Try LashStudio in Dallas for the most expert application...
  • Enhance that eye-color! Everyone and their dog has a mascara to enhance the color of your peepers. I find them to be a little clown-esque and sparkly and since this isn't the prom, they'll not be in heavy rotation here on my planet. Therefore, learn what "tone" is and USE IT!

    Green eyes=purple toned browns, aubergine (eggplant) eyeliner
    Brown eyes=deep dark navy liner and light blue toned shadows
    Blue eyes=rich brown shadows and mascara
    Hazel eyes=purple tones will enhance the green and blue tones will bring out the delicious golden browns

So there it is, Pumpkins! Your wardrobe advisor has spoken....enjoy!

Muah, Moi

Monday, October 5, 2009



So this week (ok, always) I'm MAD for Money Savings! I'm also mad for keeping women healthy and eliminating some of the awful diseases that face so many of us. So, I figure when companies get behind our boobies and other lady parts, I think we should get behind their products.

That being said, here's a little list of hinty-hintz about where to get some good deals for some good causes! (and remember to go to for the skinny on how much of your purchases go towards the cause of your choice!)

  • ULTA has my fave hairspray in a special Breast Cancer Awareness pink can and it's $5.99. That's right, BIG SEXY SPRAY 'N' PLAY and ROOT BOOST (regularly $16ish each) are just $5.99. Stock up, that's all I'm sayin' (available in stores only).
  • Also from ULTA and Sephora, the Smashbox PHOTO FINISH LIPSTICK TO BENEFIT SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE , $22. A portion of proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
  • Everyone knows how I love a good "kit" and this is even better because it supports the Ovaries!It's the L’Oreal Color of Hope Cosmetics Bag, $29.95 at drugstores. $5 from each cosmetics bag sold goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

So many cosmetic companies are now on board with exclusive products for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that I feel no guilt when I buy a cute little pink lip gloss or compact or body wash whose proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Research. I can’t wait to see the adorable packaging and pretty pink products that are limited editions for the month.

On a more serious note however, I have recently been touched way-too-close-to-home as friends and family have found themselves battling cancer. Here are just a few:

  • My gorgeous friend (who's under 35) recently had a double mastectomy and is now a survivor. If you are not regularly checking you breast for irregular lumps and need to learn how now. Feel your boobies, girls!
  • My mother found herself in need of an emergency hysterectomy at the exact same time and I'm happy to say is now cancer free as well. Always a very logical women, she is lucky to have had the presence of mind to go in when "something just didn't feel right". Forty eight hours later she was in surgery and preparing for the biggest fight of her life since I tried to leave the house in a mini-skirt at 14.

Luckily I still have both of these wonderful women in my life, but more research is needed to ensure that the proper care before, during and after cancer is available to women everywhere. Hopefully choosing to buy products with a bit of philanthropy will help!

Muah, Moi

Friday, October 2, 2009



I know that this has been out for awhile now, but since I’m an airbrush junkie I hardly ever think about the rest of the world who doesn’t get to do this for a living & needs a good quick solution to even out skin.

Face Fabric is an invisible makeup with a 3D Micro-fil™ technology. Its unique Micro-fil™ formulations bring lightness and fluidity to makeup, allowing infinite blending and layering to enhance the natural glow of the skin. (via

I recently received a sample of Giorgio Armani's face fabric foundation and wow this stuff is amazing! I don't think I have ever tried a foundation that was as weightless as this one. (Not even airbrush…shhh!) It reminds me of mousse because it's so creamy and velvety. Once applied it literally disappeared onto my skin and left my complexion looking flawless, almost like it had been airbrushed. You can't even tell that you are wearing foundation, that's how natural it looks. It's also silicone-based, which helps to smooth out those fine lines and imperfections that we begin to accumulate as we age.

This would be a great foundation to wear in the summer months as it is somewhat like a tinted moisturizer. It's lightweight and the coverage is buildable.

I must say Giorgio Armani products have never let me down yet. This one is definitely getting added to my top favorite foundations. It's definitely a keeper and a must have!

Just a few tips when working with this foundation:

- It's practically a silicone gel so skip any heavy silicone based primers like Clarins Instant Smooth or the heavier silicone gels like Smashbox. The reason for this is if you layer face fabric over a dense silicone base, the texture will become splotchy and unnatural in direct light.

- This mattifies the skin like a silicone primer would so it's a good idea to prep the skin with a moisturizing primer like MUFE Elixir if you have dry skin or YSL Top Secrets for combination skin. This ensures that the foundation won't make you look overly matte while it still controls oil throughout the day.

- I've tried to apply this with a MAC 187, 188, 109 and 190 and none of them work better than my fingers. I simply smooth the product onto my skin and the most important step is to then pat my face rapidly in order to even out the distribution and help the silicone really 'bond' with your skin. That's what the Armani SA told me to do and it's what really makes the foundation look like a second skin.

- Alternatively you can smooth the product on with your fingers and then gently brush over it with a blush brush like the MAC 165 instead of patting for a velvety smooth airbrush finish. This only works for face fabric because it has a very light, silicone gel texture which literally glides across your skin.

- Because of the silicone in this, it can tend to dry out the skin underneath your eyes and exaggerate lines (even if you're only 20). The best way to counteract this is to pat on some eye cream beforehand or only use the excess product left on your fingers after applying the face fabric and then pat that under your eyes - following up with a highlighter or concealer if necessary.

- Even for combo skin it's not necessary to set the foundation with a layer of powder but powder really helps to just add a finishing touch to the look and improve it's staying power. I use Chanel's Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre and lightly dust that over my face with a fan brush which looks natural and keeps my face fresh all day. Rely on the face fabric to control your oil, not your powder or you'll look cakey and dry. Also remember your blotting papers!

So there it is my dears! My First Foundation Friday Offering….let me know what you think!

Muah, Moi…

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shannon Reviews: Laura Mercier Exclusive Essential Eye Organizer

Laura Mercier Exclusive Essential Eye Organizer
(Exclusively from Neiman Marcus)

I am currently in LOVE with this kit. I do love a good kit and I ADORE Laura Mercier, so this was a level of bliss I had not experienced until I saw the tester of this in the NM store a few weeks ago and snatched it up at a pre-sale event for their September Beauty Event (started September 10).

So here's the skinny: 12 of their best selling eyeshadows (some of which are already in heavy rotation in my kit), 3 double sided brushes, a sleek magnetic closure kit. Mercy. Did I mention that they have a super cute gift-with-purchase that comes with a full sized lip stain, mini mineral powder in Candlelight, minis of skincare and mascara too? No? Well they do. I have a feeling this will sell out fast so I recommend calling your associate at Neiman Marcus to reserve yours right away!

I have created so many incredible looks with this kit already...soft and organic to glam-o-rama. It is entirely possible that I will have to buy another as a back up because this deal is fantastic at $125 ($250 value). Happy spackling, Poodles!

Details from

Retails for $125. Laura Mercier introduces her Limited-Edition Exclusive Essential Eye Organizer, a wardrobe of eye colors perfect for fall. Create endless looks with twelve expertly chosen eye colours. Contour, define and line eyes with three professional double-ended brushes.

The stylish eye palette contains the following eye colors: Celestial, African Violet and Bamboo Luster Eye Colours, Black Plum, Buttercream, Cashmere and Coffee Ground Matte Eye Colours, and Sandstone, Baroque, Haze, Stellar and Sable Sateen Eye Colours.

Each palette contains the following brushes: Double-ended Eye Color and All Over Eye Color Brush, double-ended Eye Crease and Ponytail Brush, and double-ended Smudge and Corner Eye Color Brush.

Envy Magazine Party/Hotel ZaZa

ENVY Magazine Party at Hotel ZaZa Dallas

Just two of the three gorgeous Clutts models from the ENVY Magazine party at Dallas ZaZa. Draped in millions of dollars in diamond jewelry from Cowboys Diamonds, Something You...Make Up Artistry was there to create incredible looks for each unique model. Many thanks to James Edward photography for capturing them so well!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry to have been gone so long!!

Much has been happening since we last spoke!

Brides, bridal shows, photo shoots, 360 West and ENVY Magazine collabos...whew! Pictures are forthcoming and I can't wait to hear what you think.

In the meantime, Big Kisses To:
Bliss Bridal Salon
Lightly Photography
The Salon Upstairs
Sheraton Fort Worth
360 West Magazine
ENVY Magazine
Hotel ZaZa
Ferocity Cosmetics

Love to you all!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fort Worth Bridal Show

I'm a little nervous, I'll admit first bridal show in forever is Saturday & Sunday and I am all a twitter! The floor covering is purchased, the brushes are (as always) spotless, the media has been printed (hope I have enough) and I'm plotting my outfit as we speak!

I do this all the time! I have the backing of the premier bridal gown boutique in the metroplex & the support of my entire world. Why am I freaking out?



Shameless Plug:

July 25 & 26, 2009
11a ‑ 4p
Fort Worth Bridal Show
Amon Carter Exhibit Hall
3400 Burnett Tandy Dr., Fort Worth, TX
Map Coupon

Ring give-away sponsored by Dallas Gold & Silver

Visit us at to see the stage events listed, along with the current list of companies exhibiting, and to find out how to get in FREE!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Miss Texas Week with Miss Ellis County

I had the distinct pleasure of making Miss Ellis County and Miss Ellis County's Outstanding Teen even more beautiful than they already are all week long. Have I metioned that my job is fabulous!?! Here are their crown shots from this winter...believe it or not, they were EVEN MORE gorgeous the week of Miss Texas than they are here! More to come, but for now, visit their websites and that of their fabulous photographer, Chris Martin.

What a beautiful day for a wedding....

Bridal make up can be a blessing and/or a curse. This weekend's blushing bride was an absolute blessing!! Calm, focused and stunning. I love to work with a face that's attached to a person who knows what they want.

With a colorful wedding palette of Tiffany Blue and Shades of Tangerine, Diana's wishes were 'naturally glamourous with a twist'! Purple eyeshadow is her signature look and we were happy to accommodate. A carefully chosen color group along with a custom blended lipstick rounded out her wedding day look. It didn't hurt that she started out as a gorgeous girl, but WOW....the end result was stunning!

Special thanks to Wendy at Bliss Bridal (where the Bride's Winnie Couture gown was found) and Sarah of Lightly Photography for being a fabulous team to work with!