Friday, December 25, 2009


Revlon PhotoReady...are you ready for YOUR close up?

So I was marching through ye olde neighborhood Target a few nights ago and what has found its way to the coveted end cap but this new foundation by Revlon. The bottle is interesting because it has a pump which (from a make up artists POV, rocks for a host of reasons) and is contoured in a way that makes it easy to hold while you're working. Now, I am a make up artist with discerning taste in foundation (I mainly airbrush) so needless to say, when something says "gives skin the airbrushed appearance" I perk up and check it out!

Now, I've heard some buzzy-buzz about this (and Loreal, FYI...they'll be on the HD bandwagon too) but was afraid I would have to wait to try it but NO! This is technically not supposed to be out until March 2010 but Target and CVS have early releases and this means I'm all over it! BOGO at CVS if you can because this is about $14.00 each.

I have previously tried Make Up Forever HD foundation and Cargo Blu-Ray HD foundation and liked their results initially but did not like the fact that they oxidized and left my client with an orange tone after a few hours. Smashbox has been holding my attention with their HIGH DEFINITION FOUNDATION and HALO powder but it's painfully spendy so I've been on the lookout for something with good medium coverage that's buildable. I think this might be it!

  • Has a little shimmer, gives a subtle glow to the skin that creates an almost "dewy" effect.
  • SPF 20 which is fabulous for day wear for those of us who are of the pasty variety and/or are fighting the age monster tooth and perfectly manicured nail.
  • Recommended tool for application is the foundation brush (currently GWP at Target) which means less touching of the skin and less opportunity for nasty breakouts from those gnarly sponges we refuse to through out.
  • Buildable coverage which means you can start out with a thin layer and keep building up until you have the coverage you desire. Some days call for more camo than others...
  • Lasts forever...we all remember ColorStay from Revlon, well this does stay & doesn't get that gummy look that sometimes occurs from CS if you let it go too long.

  • Has a little shimmer...that's not so great for everyone. (complaints of looking Cullen-esque have been reported but you be the judge)
  • SPF 20 which is NOT great for photography...this will only matter to MUAs and photographers.
  • Limited color offerings (for now).
  • Better for oiler skin types because of the high level of pigment which can be drying.

So there's my $2.50, buy it and try it and tell me what you think...I will continue airbrushing but I feel pretty confident recommending this to my clients who are looking for fab coverage and a great price point!

Merry Christmas, Poodles!



  1. Im going to try that. I will let you know what I think. Trying to products is so fun!

  2. Hey Shannon, great blog! You've got a new follower! Today I forwarded your Web site to my sister for a wedding make up consult.

    Love the reviews you've got here and looking forward to learning from you. You always look fabulous and flawless!!!

    See you soon, Kelly B. (a.k.a. Shorty on my blog)