Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Awakening!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spring Is Here!

I know that I've been terribly remiss in posting (for, um, months) but for good reason...I've been SLAMMED! Weddings, Celebs, Videos, TV Shows, Photoshoots, Charity Events...oh my!

Let me start with the fabulous work of Sarah Bridle of Noire Belle Studio...geesh. If you've ever thought about boudoir, this is the girl. I've been styling for Sarah for nearly a year now and we've been so lucky to work with some amazing women.

Currently we're featuring some Father's Day Packages that are:
  1. Hot
  2. Hilarious
  3. All of the above..
Yes, Ladies...the answer is 3. ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

Next order of business is the wedding season that is upon us here at Something You... Here Come the Brides, Indeed! Believe it or not wedding season seems to have started in February this year and hasn't let up since! So many gorgeous girls have gone down the aisle that we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Now add prom on top of that and it's a whirlwind of lipgloss that keeps on coming... No wonder I've been overheard saying "weekend? what weekend?".

Sprinkle in a little man make-up for Doug Rice's fab new video Bridalicious Bootcamp, a former hair band member for Celebrity Apprentice and some fast fixes for the Fort Worth edition of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway and you'll understand why the last thing on my list has been blogging....or sleeping...or thinking....what's my name again?

Now for the part that I'm most proud of, Charity Events! I have been on the Make Up Crew for such fabulous events as ESTEEM: A Fashion Show benefiting the Elisa Project, FashionCITED:A Style Event benefiting Legal Hospice of Texas, Alice In Wedding Land benefiting Brides Against Breast Cancer, and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Auction and Fashion Show benefiting Make-A-Wish...whew!

There are photos coming and some specific posts about a few of these events that are on their way. For now, I'll bid you adieu...someone needs eyelashes and I'm the one with the glue!

Mucho Smoocho,
Shannon the Make Up Artist!

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